• Is this a free video conferencing service?

    to be or not to be? what is the question

  • What is the use of lorem ipsum?

    Lorem ipsum text allows you to create title, paragraph or sentence instantly without having to write actual copy. It makes it possible to represent how a certain webpage, infographic, blog post would look like with a certain amount of content and gives a feel of the content. This placeholder text is designed in a way that it has no meaning to it which makes it flexible to be used anywhere.

  • Who uses lorem ipsum?

    Designers & webmasters use it to visualize existence of text form of content on websites, wireframes or posters. In most of the cases, the person who writes the content and design the page are two different people. Designers prefer to just put dummy content before the final version is ready to make sure you have the right font size, color, line height, font-family, etc.

  • Where can I get lorem ipsum dolor sit amet?

    Use our free Lorem Ipsum Generator if you are looking for copyright free dummy content for your websites, mockups, wireframes and articles.

  • What is the relationship between lorem ipsum & Web Design?

    While building out a new website you may have literally no idea of where to start from. Platforms like WordPress also use dummy content to provide better user experience before you even make your first edit on the site. It makes it easier for you to decide which part would have the content and not. Lorem ipsum is indistinguishable from web designing as long as the designer is interested in finishing off the project faster.

  • What does dummy content look like?

    “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam ornare tempus aliquet. Pellentesque finibus, est et iaculis suscipit, dolor nulla commodo dui, nec ultricies arcu nisl tristique eros. Morbi eros est, pulvinar eget ornare ac, ultrices eget risus. Ut lobortis pellentesque pretium. Praesent sollicitudin vestibulum iaculis. Mauris a finibus orci. Quisque ipsum nunc, efficitur sit amet blandit ut, aliquam quis dui. Phasellus interdum leo eu ipsum malesuada, et interdum diam egestas. Maecenas pretium fermentum tortor ac tincidunt. Curabitur consectetur dolor libero, at aliquam est ornare eleifend. Aliquam at finibus dolor.”

  • Does dummy content hurt SEO?

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